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"So? What’s your specialty?"


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My life has been taken over by sports anime ; A; Here’s a giveaway of leftover con stuff! 

Winner will receive:

  • Seirin Team, Teiko Miracles, Kagami & MuraHimu A3 prints
  • Kise Ryouta A4 print
  • KageHina A3 print
  • KuroKen, Hinata, Kageyama & Nishinoya A4 prints
  • Free! Style Five A4 print
  • Kise and Kagami postcards
  • Free! Style Five, Half-naked Free! & Haikyuu!! bookmark sets
  • Kuroko no Basuke, Splash Free! & Haikyuu!! badge sets

Runner up:

  • x1 Bookmark set of your choice
  • x1 Badge set of your choice


  • No need to follow me
  • No reblog limit but be mindful of your followers!
  • Likes don’t count as an entry but you can use it as a bookmark.
  • International shipping is fine!
  • Please have your ask open and you’re comfortable with giving me your email and address
  • Winners will be picked by a random generator
  • You have 24hrs to get back to me before I select another winner
  • Giveaway ends 14th September (my birthday~) at 11:59PM GMT +10

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Good luck~

companionion replied to your post: jesus christ, the studying pace in her…

Wwoah that sounds tough! Good luck with it, i’m sure you’ll do just fine :)

It is, luckily I got some studying tips from a friend ^^

jesus christ, the studying pace in here is insane

we’re supposed to learn hiraganas, most important parts of the history (from prehistory to modern era), some culture things like important holidays and stuff in 2 weeks

my brain is melting but i’m gonna do this goddamnit

i’m probably gonna fail the hiragana part though, there’s no way i’m learning all of them in two weeks


Re-watching Ouran

4 gifs per episode: 6/26
The Grade School Host is the Naughty Type!
It's just like you said, Sugawara-san!

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